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My name is Richard Evans and I collect and restore vintage video and arcade games.

Currently I own 6 arcade cabs and have them in my lounge, which is snug! I will shortly be having an extension added to my home which will mean my current lounge becomes 100% games room. I should then be able to have about 12 arcade cabs which will be amazing!

Left to right in the picture above, the machines are:

  • JAMMA cab I built from a kit and customised. It currently has an original Sega Shinobi, a Hyper Neo Geo 64, a Neo Geo MVS 1-Slot and a Game Elf with over 1000 classic arcade games
  • US Neo Geo 4-Slot
  • Video Wizard JAMMA cab running an original Irem R-Type with custom marquee
  • UK Neo Geo 6-Slot Electrcoin Arcade
  • Bally Midway Pac-Man with Ms Pac-Man marquee and board setup. I aim to put this back to a standard Pac-Man
  • I also recently picked up an Atari Asteroids Deluxe which is not in the picture as I am restoring it

    My son Ethan and I have multiple Twin Galaxies World Records for gaming, and were listed in the Guinness World Record 2017 Gamer's Edition book. We each have a Guinness World Record Certificate

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